We generate new ways of thinking about energy and culture.

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The Energy Humanities is an emerging field of study about energy and society.


Energy shapes culture. How we work, play, dream, and live is indebted to our use of fossil fuels.


We need new ways of thinking about energy. Art, philosophy, literature, and history can help us see our future and the challenges we face in a new light


Becoming sustainable requires more than replacing combustion engines with batteries. It means living together differently.


Solar panels, electric cars, or plastic-eating microbes? Let’s move beyond technocentric solutions to social and political problems.


Read what energy humanities scholars are saying.

Mark Simpson, Imre Szeman, and Caleb Wellum
Welcome to Energy Humanities

Developed by the Transitions in Energy, Culture, and Society (TECS) project and the Petrocultures Research Group, energy humanities will feature commentary on current developments in energy and the environment, announcements and news items, and video interviews with influential and emerging voices on energy & society. This site will act as a gathering place for the exciting insights the humanities provide about the social nature of our environmental crises.

March 3, 2021
The Energy Humanities and Russian Energy Futures
Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste argues that the Russian government's vision of the energy future will harm both the planet and many groups living on the margins of Russian society.

February 22, 2021
Education and Extraction
Stacey Balkan

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted higher education in the United States. Millions of students and faculty have been forced to meet online using digital platforms like Zoom. Literature professor Stacey Balkan argues that Zoom education should not be considered a new normal, for the sake of students, faculty, and the planet.

February 15, 2021
Global conspiracy? The dangers of the anti-Alberta energy campaign
László Németh

In 2019, the Government of Alberta launched a Public Inquiry into "anti-Alberta energy campaigns that are supported by foreign organizations." Independent researcher László Németh warns that the inquiry's latest report is flirting with dangerous forms of populist rhetoric.


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Annamie Paul on her international affairs experience and green politics

Imre Szeman and Caleb Wellum from Energy Humanities speak with Annamie Paul, the leader of the Green Party of Canada about Annamie Paul's experience in international affairs, and how she plans to apply her knowledge in her position with the Green Party.

Annamie Paul on the Green Party’s message to Canada’s oil-dependent provinces

Imre Szeman and Caleb Wellum from Energy Humanities speak with Annamie Paul, the leader of the Green Party of Canada about the Green Party's message to Canada's oil-dependent provinces.

Annamie Paul on Canada's role in the fight against climate change

Imre Szeman and Caleb Wellum speak with Annamie Paul, leader of the Green Party of Canada, about Canada's international role in the fight against climate change.

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